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Welcome to the world of Kandice. A beautiful and retired dancer who did whatever it took to have a clean start. Striving to be on top she became one of the richest female real estate agents in the world. With a past full of lies, sex, money, jealousy and murder, not even her psychologist can help her past from coming back to haunt her in ways she couldn't imagine. Besides facing her troubles, she can’t help but to feed on to her sexual addiction to the handsome billionaire Darius Walker.

Darius Walker, the infamous playboy and owner of Walker Enterprises, the worlds largest movie production company, dares to never commit or fall in love. His only mission was to keep his company on top. That was until he met Kandice, the beautiful real estate agent who comes from a troubled past and catches his eyes at first sight. In a world full of sex, lies, destruction, and fatal attractions, not even he can save himself from the drama that's yet to come.

Will Kandice and Darius be able to keep their hearts out of the sex games they're wanting to play? Or will the drama waiting to unfold catch them before they fall?

Either way it goes, Somebody's Gotta Be On Top.

Somebody's Gotta Be On Top

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